My Attractive Waistline


Because of my skinny body shape my back side doesn’t look nice.

When I wear any clothes it doesn’t fitted me nicely. I feel really uncomfortable because of my

hip shape….So I decided to take this surgery for my expected body shape….~


My attractive waistline 2


On the operating day I consult with the doctor.

After sometimes I’m preparing myself for surgery wearing a surgery gown…. ^^


My attractive waistline 3


I always like to wear jeans but because of my flat hip shape

it doesn’t suit me…. After surgery, few days I didn’t feel comfortable

because of my hip bandage. But as the time goes I feel better…. ~


My attractive waistline 4


My photo was one week after. As the doctor said I feel little bit uncomfortable

after surgery. I feel as something is heavy around my hips….^^


My attractive waistline 5


It was already 2 months after surgery. After surgery

doctor said to me, I need to be careful one month for better hip shape….

So I hardly follow the doctor’s instruction….^^


My attractive waistline 6


I’m really satisfied because now I,

comfortably wear any types of cloth. You can see the surgical result….

This result is really excellent, isn’t it?


My attractive waistline 7