Perfect Sculpted Legs by Calf Reduction

Many people aim for their tummies and thighs to be perfect, others prefer their breasts to look optimum. However, the calves are also an important part of the body and contribute to your overall look. You can’t just have a toned body and flabby calves; this is just not right. Also, no one likes their calves to have excess fat dropping here and there especially in a skirt or shorts. Once fixing this body part was considered a dream. Not now, however, innovative surgical techniques have been developed that can sculpt your calves to look bulkier or thinner according to your desires. Usually, fat transfer and intricate fat grafting techniques are used for calf augmentation. For calf reduction, however, there are other treatment options.

Calf Reduction Surgery

What is calf reduction?

This is a surgery that contours your calves to give them a shapely, well cut defined look that you always desired. There are specialized techniques that can remove fat from the calves such as the liposuction surgery or block selected nerves in the calf muscles which will decrease the mass of the muscles. Surgeons can also inject Botox into the calf muscles which also help in shaping calves. More radical measures, such as removing the bulk of the muscle are also available but is only resorted to in extreme reductions. The surgery is fast and effective with marked difference visible in calf reduction surgery before after pictures.

The Liposuction technique

Using liposuction to reduce calves carries many advantages. The major one is that the process requires small incisions only, through which the fat is removed, without touching the muscle itself. This helps avoid complications after surgery and makes way for fast recovery. However, as the calf contains mostly muscle, the surgery won’t have a major effect unless the person in the question has greater fat proportions then muscle in his calf. All these different techniques are brought up in the discussion with your doctor. The option that is best suited for you will be selected. So, rest assured, you will get the procedure that is best for you, so that the beautifully carved legs you always dream of, can be made a reality.