The Right option for you, Tummy Tuck or Liposuction

Laser Body Sculpting surgery

The most well-known inquiries we get notification from patients considering a tummy tuck at our Korea, whether they might be great candidates for a smaller than usual tummy tuck. That is the reason we chose to clarify in this blog entry the contrasts between a smaller than expected and full tummy tuck and why — as a rule — we prescribe getting a full tummy tuck.

Is a mini tummy tuck for you?

Patients regularly need a scaled down tummy tuck since it requires a littler incision and is a less included surgical procedure than a full tummy tuck. In any case, as we’ve stated, it’s wrong for everybody. When we look at patients amid a tummy tuck consultation, particular physical conditions show on the off chance that somebody can profit by a smaller than normal tummy tuck. Those include:

  • Minimal excess skin underneath the belly catches
  • Less fat deposit
  • a low body mass record (BMI)
  • Intact abdominal muscles

What happens during a mini tummy tuck?

A smaller than normal tummy tucks incision is restricted to a short, flat line as low as conceivable on the abdomen. A full tummy tuck incision stretches out from one hip to the next. In the wake of making the incision, the surgeon pulls down the abdominal skin and evacuates the excess. As a rule, we utilize liposuction to sculpt the territory and guarantee a smooth contour. By then, the surgeon shuts the incision.

Why most patients get full tummy tucks

As you can likely figure, most patients we find in Korea are more qualified for a full tummy tuck. A full tummy tuck finishes certain objectives that a little form of the procedure can’t coordinate. A full tummy tuck typically fixes abdominal muscles and repositions the belly catch, notwithstanding expelling additional skin and fat. This is commonly more suitable for heavier patients.

BMI is essential to consider on the grounds that heavier patients have an increased danger of confusions, regularly identified with wound mending and other medicinal issues. We may encourage a patient to get fit before getting a tummy tuck to improve the operation’s security and farthest point the danger of postoperative issues.

At long last, ladies considering a tummy tuck in the wake of having youngsters frequently have extended abdominal muscles. This condition, called normally causes a “paunch pooch” that can’t be redressed with exercise — or with a smaller than usual tummy tuck. A full tummy tuck fixes these muscles as a feature of the procedure.

Despite the fact that liposuction is a standout amongst the most widely recognized cosmetic procedures among the two men and ladies, there are numerous aspects of this body contouring treatment that individuals who are considering it won’t not know. As opposed to prevalent thinking, for instance, thin individuals can be excellent candidates for this procedure.

Here are some other lesser-known insider facts about liposuction you have to know in case you’re pondering booking your arrangement.

Liposuction can benefit lots of body types

A standout amongst the most widely recognized myths about liposuction is that it’s appropriate for you in case you’re overweight. Truth be told, the best candidates for liposuction should as of now be at or near their optimal weight. This is on account of liposuction isn’t a weight misfortune device, yet rather treats resolved pockets of fat that just won’t move regardless of the amount you exercise.

What’s more, liposuction can just address the sort of fat known as subcutaneous fat, which exists straightforwardly underneath your skin. Instinctive fat, which encompasses your organs more profound inside your abdomen, is the sort of fat that can cause obesity, diabetes and coronary illness. Since diet and exercise are the main approaches to viably expel instinctive fat, liposuction can’t fill in as a remain in for these solid propensities.

Regardless of the possibility that you as of now have a thin body sort however can’t get your extra layers to leave, liposuction could be the ideal arrangement.

Liposuction results can be long-lasting

Liposuction works by evacuating the excess fat cells in a focused on range. Once evacuated, fat cells can’t return.

Be that as it may, it’s as yet critical that you keep up a solid diet and exercise regimen in the wake of getting liposuction, since you can at present increase new fat not far off. Also the way that jettisoning your exercise and adhering to good diet propensities can likewise prompt various wellbeing concerns.

You can combine Lipo with other treatments

Fat isn’t your lone body-forming concern, you can chat with your plastic surgeon about consolidating liposuction with another treatment to help augment your outcomes. Tummy tuck, for instance, consolidates a conventional tummy tuck with liposuction to expel excess fat and skin from your abdominal zone without the requirement for awkward channels.

By consolidating these two procedures, you can accomplish substantially more far reaching comes about, particularly in case you’re attempting to recover your pre-infant body or you’ve accomplished a noteworthy weight misfortune objective.

Body Contouring Cost Korea

Liposuction Body Contouring Korea – Get your Dream Figure


Tired of trying to remove the excess fat pockets from your body? Have you been desperately trying to get that perfect figure with no success? Well, Korean liposuction body contouring techniques could be your answer. Relieve yourself from the frustrating process of repeated diets, and strenuous exercise that just don’t seem to make a difference. Try out the better and longer lasting solution. Many people have turned to this readily available procedure to shape out their arms, thighs, and tummies. Millions of patients enjoy the pleasure of having the ideal figure, and they have the liposuction procedure to thank for. The effectiveness of the procedure is evident in numerous before and after liposuction photos that show how remarkable the results actually are. Here we describe some of the specifics of the surgery to elaborate on the topic a bit more.

Liposuction Body Contouring

What is liposuction body contouring?

The surgery involves placing small incisions and then removing fat from the select area. The fat is removed in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing to literally carve out the perfect shape for you. Once the appropriate fat is removed, the extra skin is excised, the skin is stitched back in place to reveal the perfectly shaped body that you wanted.

Who undergoes liposuction body contouring?

It is not like anyone can go through with the surgery. No, on the contrary, there is a certain criterion that needs to be met for you to be considered as a candidate. This candidacy is determined by a professional plastic surgeon who decides Korean body contouring surgery on the basis of certain factors. First off, the patient needs to be in excellent health. Then he/she must be within a 25-pound radius of their ideal body weight and should have excessive fat that is primarily unresponsive to either dieting or exercise. Furthermore, a patient needs to be at least 18 years old for the surgery to take place.

What you need to know

Where liposuction can help you get a toned body, it is not suitable for large amounts of fat. Rather, it aims to contour the small fat pads to give you a more sculpted appearance. The procedure is not for losing weight, instead, it is about helping people get that hanging feeling off their body for a tighter and more sculpted appearance after they have already done their part in losing weight. Get best Korean body contouring cost from Liposuction Korea.

Of course, there are many techniques for the surgery, some may go for traditional liposuction whereas others would opt for the tumescent liposuction and still, others would move towards other options. However, this depends on your own body type, the amount of fat that needs removal and what your liposuction doctor thinks best. These options will be laid on the table for discussion and it will be only by mutual agreement that a specific technique will be selected. Your health and a great outcome of the surgery are in the doctors’ best interests, so rest assured whatever procedure is selected, body contouring cost will definitely be the best suited for you in Seoul, South Korea!

A Guide to Having a Tummy Tuck

Worried about the loose fat hanging from your tummy after pregnancy? Are you trying to tone your tummy, but still failing? Well, we might just have the answer to this problem. The tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty as it is medically known. The fat on your tummy is one the most stubborn areas to remove. No matter what you try, this fat refuses to budge. Even if it does, the lax muscles and loose skin make your tummy look nothing like it was once before. The tummy tuck aims to fix these problems.

Tummy Tuck Surgery korea

In this body sculpting surgery, all the excess loose skin and the underlying fat are removed from the lower abdomen by a liposuction surgery and the abdominal muscles are tightened using special surgical techniques. So that your tummy goes flat and toned like you always wanted it to look. For all those childbearing ladies and those people who have lost large amounts of fat, tummy tuck in Korea is their dream of a firmer and more youthful figure, come true!

Who should go for tummy tucks?

There are certain criteria that doctors need you to meet in order to approve you for surgery. These include your excellent health, which is a necessity. In addition to this, you must have fat in the mid-section, to begin with as well as the loose skin around the area. Also, the doctor needs to see that you will be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve the best results after surgery.

People who actually visit the doctor for this surgery include:

  • Women After pregnancy to get their pre-pregnancy body back

  • People after major weight loss to get rid of the excess fat

  • People who have lax abdominal walls, abdominal fat, and loose skin on their tummy due to increased age.

  • People who have a genetic tendency to accumulate body fat on their tummy

There are many techniques for this surgery. The best option considering individual patients is chosen by the doctor. Some people opt for getting a liposuction in Korea, but the full tummy tuck is agreed to be a much better option by professionals. However, the treatment does not end at the hospital. Once you are through with the surgery, there are certain things to note afterward as well. Of course, every surgery demands certain things to be taken care off and for the tummy tuck excessive weight gain again is the one red-zoned problem. However, after a tummy tuck in Korea, the body countering doctors give you special guidelines to follow, which if obeyed will ultimately result in better results of the surgery, which of course is what you are after, right?

Perfect Sculpted Legs by Calf Reduction

Many people aim for their tummies and thighs to be perfect, others prefer their breasts to look optimum. However, the calves are also an important part of the body and contribute to your overall look. You can’t just have a toned body and flabby calves; this is just not right. Also, no one likes their calves to have excess fat dropping here and there especially in a skirt or shorts. Once fixing this body part was considered a dream. Not now, however, innovative surgical techniques have been developed that can sculpt your calves to look bulkier or thinner according to your desires. Usually, fat transfer and intricate fat grafting techniques are used for calf augmentation. For calf reduction, however, there are other treatment options.

Calf Reduction Surgery

What is calf reduction?

This is a surgery that contours your calves to give them a shapely, well cut defined look that you always desired. There are specialized techniques that can remove fat from the calves such as the liposuction surgery or block selected nerves in the calf muscles which will decrease the mass of the muscles. Surgeons can also inject Botox into the calf muscles which also help in shaping calves. More radical measures, such as removing the bulk of the muscle are also available but is only resorted to in extreme reductions. The surgery is fast and effective with marked difference visible in calf reduction surgery before after pictures.

The Liposuction technique

Using liposuction to reduce calves carries many advantages. The major one is that the process requires small incisions only, through which the fat is removed, without touching the muscle itself. This helps avoid complications after surgery and makes way for fast recovery. However, as the calf contains mostly muscle, the surgery won’t have a major effect unless the person in the question has greater fat proportions then muscle in his calf. All these different techniques are brought up in the discussion with your doctor. The option that is best suited for you will be selected. So, rest assured, you will get the procedure that is best for you, so that the beautifully carved legs you always dream of, can be made a reality.

Liposuction – A Surgical Blessing

Liposuction in Korea is breaking new grounds. What with the general population, realizing the extreme benefits and simplicity of the surgery, more and more people are coming towards this mode of weight loss. The liposuction surgery forms a major part of the tummy tuck that so many people choose on a daily basis as well as the breast augmentation procedure where natural fat is taken from one part of the body to transfer to the breasts. Liposuction surgery has been the source of relief for millions of people worldwide who thought their weight issue would never be solved. So, what really is liposuction?

Well, to actually define the procedure, liposuction surgery aims to remove fat from different areas of the body to give you a more toned look. There are two major techniques that surgeons use to eliminate this fat. One is the manual liposuction, whereby the latest technologies are used to remove fat from the specified places and the other is the laser liposuction procedure which uses laser technology to loosen fat cells for removal. The laser procedures cost more but definitely cause less discomfort as well as faster healing, which may be the reason behind its greater popularity.

Of course, to be selected for the procedure, you need to be in optimum health, have a 25-pound marginal weight that is greater than your ideal set point and have extra pounds that are refractory to dieting and exercise. This is done for your own betterment. May it be minor, it is still a surgery, which is why doctors prefer to exclude any and all risk factors to provide the best results. Once you are done with the process, the next bit is maintenance. Clearly, to maintain the remarkable figure you obtained from the surgery, you do need to take care of your weight. Eating all sorts of junk food and not exercising at all will do little for you. On the contrary, the surgery would hardly last months, after which you will again be at the doctor’s doorstep, just as before. If, however, this is managed, you are all set to enjoy the benefits of the liposuction surgery for the long term.