CheekBone Surgery for Those Plump Apples

Many people carry heavy and arched cheekbones that aren’t the best of features on the face. Agreed, they do suit some people, but for the majority, they are the only cause for concern. No matter how severely they diet or exercise their face just won’t decrease and they will forever have that plump look. Face exercises seem to be ineffective for them. In short, nothing seems to work. For these people, there is the advent of the cheekbone surgery that aims to correct those plump apples that have caused so much trouble. The surgery forms a part of a bigger operation called the facial contouring surgery and is often accompanied by other procedures such as the chin augmentation and the jaw surgery. In Korea, many people are opting for this treatment and so, here we present some details about the actual process.

The Procedure of the surgery

The surgery is performed to reduce the amount of cheek plumpness or simply make two cheeks symmetrical. Depending upon the extent of reduction you require, the surgeon may just remove the fat from the cheeks or may attempt to bring the cheek bone to achieve a smoother and slimmer look that is more contoured. There are 3 main bones that need addressing. These includes:

  • The frontal cheek bone, which is the cheekbone viewed from the front. To reduce the thickness in this area, either part of the upper jaw or the front cheek bone needs to be removed. Only shaving off the bone won’t be of much help as these bones are thin with air immediately beneath.

  • 45-degree cheekbone, this refers to the curve from the front moving to the side. This thickness can be handled by shaving as it is pretty thick. Also, the cheekbone can be made to move inwards at this point to allow for diminished protrusion.

  • Side cheekbone, this part of the cheekbone is on the sides of the head. To treat this part of the protrusion the surgeon needs to cut the zygomatic arch and shift the cheek bone at a more suitable position.

There are multiple techniques to perform the surgery, starting with the position of the incision. Some surgeries are done by an incision underneath the lip to prevent any scarring. Others attempt the surgery from the hairline to hide the scarring with hair. This ensures no scars are left in the face to cause any disfiguring making it a relatively safe procedure.

Who should go or the surgery?

Of course, not everyone can just simply say they want cheek bone surgeries. There are certain criteria as well as presentations that entities you to the procedure. Usually, people who have the cheekbone surgery done include:

  • Those people who have excessively large front cheek bones

  • Those who have a disproportionately wide face

  • People who have abnormally large side bones

  • Those whose facial contours are imbalanced

  • People who wish for slender and delicate facial structure

No doubt, the surgery is quite extensive and will take the time to heal. However, once the entire process is up and you are done with the recovery, you may not even recognize yourself. This is the extent if difference that the surgery can produce. All those complaints and stress of having a broad face will be left in the past. If facial contouring is your desire, this surgery is one of the best options to go for. Trust us, the results will leave your peers and even yourself in awe!