Full Body Liposuction Korea

What is a Full Body Liposuction in Korea?

Full body liposuction is characterized as the removal of more volume of fat and different liquids from the patient by suction utilizing a long, fine, empty metal tube (cannula).

Korean Full body liposuction is generally used to treat patients who are 30-40 pounds overweight who require a significant reduction in fat and body estimations. Liposuction surgery can treat areas of overabundance fat in the stomach, buttocks, hips, love handles, saddlebags, thighs, calves, ankles, breasts, back, arms and neck.

About Full Body liposuction Surgery korea


About Full Body liposuction Surgery Korea

For most of the people out there, losing weight, getting a well tone body and achieving a desired figure cannot be just achieved by healthy eating or exercise, as in most of the body parts are left with stubborn fat that remains even after vigorous controlled diet and exercise.

Korean Full Body Liposuction Surgery is one such treatment that is normally considered to treat the fat from any parts of the body. Liposuction surgery is also commonly known as fat removal surgery. Full body liposuction Korea is great after weight loss to give the body a great shape which are unaffected by weight loss. It is in fact gives your body perfect shape.

Full Body liposuction Surgery may include the following

Korean Full Body liposuction Surgery may include the following

  • Arms
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Stomach (or Abdomen)
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Calves
  • Love handles

Full body liposuction Surgery Korea may include any area and also it can be integrated with other cosmetic procedures like tummy tuck, breast reduction and male chest reduction.

The Procedure of Full Body Liposuction

Full body liposuction is an unexpected operation in comparison to traditional liposuction. It involves surgery in no less than five body areas, at the same time, while customary liposuction (or body sculpting liposuction) treats just limited areas. Suctioning out a volume of more than five litres of liquid and fat is viewed as high volume liposuction. Huge volume, or aggregate body liposuction, can take up to six inches off your midriff and sculpts your body. A few patients just need restricted liposuction to remove fat in the spots where it unyieldingly declines to move through diet or exercise, yet for patients who are 30-40 pounds overweight and need an entire body estimated reduction, Korean full body liposuction might be the correct procedure to accomplish the weight loss and inch reduction they crave.

Because of the measure of fat being removed, the operation takes longer than ordinary body sculpting liposuction. Almost all full body liposuction operations are performed under general anaesthesia and most patients remain in the hospital for no less than one night after surgery. Korean Full body liposuction is a significant operation and certain criteria must be clung to by the liposuction doctor and therapeutic group to guarantee that genuine intricacies or even demise don’t happen. These criteria are: • The liposuction surgeon must be properly prepared and instructed in liposuction surgery and strategies and have a careful comprehension of the physiologic changes that happen with traditional lipo and full body liposuction. • The anesthesiologist working with the liposuction surgeon additionally should be very much prepared and have an entire comprehension of the physiology related to mixture and removal of expansive volumes of liquids. • The office where the liposuction operation is performed must be totally outfitted to manage any problem or complexity that may happen amid or after the procedure. The office ought to be certified and authorize by a broadly recognized surgery accreditation body. • The support staff working in the operating room and recovery room ought to be completely prepared and acquainted with the liposuction procedure, care, and recovery of the patient.

The patient must be an appropriate candidate for the full body liposuction procedure.

Am I a candidate for full body liposuction? The best candidates for full body liposuction are in great physical and passionate well-being and have reasonable desires of what their liposuction plastic surgery can achieve. Liposuction can provide a decent candidate with a significant improvement; however, it is probably not going to accomplish flawlessness. A man who expects outright flawlessness is not a decent candidate for full body liposuction. A decent candidate more often than not has one or various aggregations of fat that can be removed by liposuction. A full consultation with a board certified, respectable liposuction surgeon who has an understanding of performing full body liposuction procedures will decide if you are an appropriate candidate for this sort of liposuction operation.

Ideal Candidate for Full Body Liposuction

Ideal candidate for full body liposuction Certain factors make one a decent candidate for full volume liposuction, for example, the accompanying: • be 30-40 pounds overweight, paying little respect to diet and exercise • be in good physical and enthusiastic wellbeing • have at least one places in which fat can remove • have reasonable desires of the final products • need a critical reduction in body fat and estimations Meeting these prerequisites is in fact quite recently the start of the process for deciding whether you are a decent candidate for full body liposuction. The following stage is to plan a council with one of our exceptionally qualified staff, amid which we will speak particularly about your needs and objectives, and make a surgical arrangement only for you. We need to ensure you are as informed as conceivable about what the procedure involves that best suit and correct decision for you. Best liposuction surgeon finds that the best candidates for this procedure are the individuals who have stable or declining weight and have no actual hidden restorative conditions. Patients with asthma, rest apnea, hypertension or aspiratory issues may, in any case, be satisfactory candidates if the condition is very much controlled and under supervision by their essential doctor.

Therapeutic evaluation 

A therapeutic assessment will be done on every single imminent patient to guarantee their security. The best liposuction surgeons in Seoul and Korea have numerous times of experience in liposuction procedures as well as in all parts of the general and plastic surgery.

Your safety matters

Liposuction in Korea and the best liposuction surgeon know about any potential issues that may meddle with his patient’s prosperity and wellbeing. He will recommend elective answers for his patients who may not instantly be excellent candidates for expansive volume liposuction. Also, patients who are putting on weight or have dietary problems are bad candidates for this kind of surgery for the underlying reason that they won’t hold the advantages of their surgery until the point when their diet and exercise does not work.

Patients must have a decent mentality and sensible desires of the final product of their procedure. While vast liposuction provides a prompt change in weight and size, it sets aside time for the last outcomes to be completely figured it out.

The procedure

Before surgery, patients get the standard preoperative screening and testing and in instances of hidden conditions, must have these conditions very much controlled. Patients will get their surgery at the Korean liposuction surgical centre.


Patients will have a general anaesthetic for this procedure and will be continually checked by a load up guaranteed anesthesiologist amid their surgery and recovery time.

Liposuction method used

Best liposuction surgeon utilises the tumescent liposuction strategy in conjunction with the super wet method as this confines the measure of lidocaine used and keeps danger from creating.

The tumescent strategy mixes a lot of weakened lidocaine which is an anaesthetic, and epinephrine which is a vasoconstrictor. The utilisation of this technique has two primary advantages; the lidocaine remains in the framework after surgery, reducing the post agent pain, and the epinephrine contracts the vessels in the fat layer, for all intents and purposes disposing of blood misfortune.

After your procedure

After the surgery, patients will recover in the postoperative recovery region, checked by enrolled nurture pros. For large volume liposuction patients, it recommends that they remain overnight so they can be observed and assisted with any issues, for example, pain administration and nausea. Patients will inform concerning this amid the preoperative visits and sometimes will be permitted to return home if there is a skilful grown-up accessible to give 24-hour mind. Best liposuction surgeon will survey the need contingent upon the degree of the surgery and the general soundness of the patient.