Liposuction Revision Korea

If you have had a liposuction procedure that neglected to turn out the way you expected or needed, come to South Korea for a liposuction revision. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are main body contouring masters who use a few techniques to rectify Korean liposuction revision anomalies. A portion of the liposuction techniques that are currently broadly used was produced by our originators.

Contingent upon your circumstance, we may propose extra liposuction for diminishing, Smartlipo for tightening, or potentially fat grafting to fill over-redressed spaces. You ought not to need to live with issues coming about because of a bungled liposuction encounter. You can have the smooth, symmetrical, and trimmer look that you initially envisioned.

What would liposuction revision Korea bring?

It can adjust problems that happened from a past liposuction procedure so that the right amount of fat has been expelled, and the skin is smooth and tight.

What can you expect at liposuction revision Korea?

There is a wide range of Korean liposuction revision techniques, which change in view of the instruments used to expel the fat. Unnoticeable areas are decided for a little incision – short of what one fourth of an inch – and an anesthetic liquid containing huge volumes of weakened lidocaine and adrenaline are injected using the Anesthetic Doctors progressive tumescent technique. This medicine also limits bleeding.

In denser areas, ultrasonic-assisted liposuction might be used. For this situation, a strong titanium cannula is embedded into the incisions and used to emulsify the fat using ultrasonic energy. The liquefied fat is then expelled using power-helped liposuction techniques in Seoul, South Korea.

However, areas are being revised; a syringe liposuction technique may be used. In this negligibly intrusive technique, the surgeon embeds a syringe with a tube, and when the syringe is pulled back, suction is made that causes the fat cells to be pulled back in the meantime. Recuperating from this technique is generally quick, and blood loss is negligible.

Smartlipo Korea, which consolidates laser technology, may be used to tighten loose skin and adjust the body contouring comes about.

If a lot of fat was expelled in your first procedure, causing spaces, we may re-inject a portion of the evacuated fat with a specific end goal to fill the space and smooth the area. This Korean fat grafting technique provides an enduring outcome.