Change Plastic Surgery Clinic

Medical Field: Liposuction, Calf reduction surgery, Fat graft, Breast reconstruction

Address:5F, 443 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

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Change Clinic provides the greatest medical practices specialized in body contouring field and the top medical staffs are working for our customers with the customized service and the specialized equipment. We have recorded a hundred thousand liposuction cases, which proved the expertise and experience. Also, K-pop star ‘S’ girl group and a number of k-pop stars have experienced Change Clinic’s skilled body shaping procedures.

Change Clinic is located in Seoul’s famous Gangnam District offering local and international patients cosmetic, plastic and esthetic surgery procedures as well as other non-surgical beauty enhancement treatments.

Established since 2007 Change Clinic provide superior quality services for our clients, helping them to turn back the hands of time, or boost and improve their natural beauty. We can help everyone attain their esthetic goals with our personalized treatment plans which deliver custom-made care specifically tailored to each individual’s particular problems.

Our team of highly-skilled doctors and surgeons is led by Dr Chang Doo Yeol. An alumni of New York University, he attained a PhD at the Seoul National University of Medicine and has been a Professor at the Samsung Medical Center.

We have vast experience in cosmetic surgery procedures, having recorded over 100,000 liposuction cases, and are highly skilled in body contouring and shaping procedures. Our services include procedures for the face and body, including facelifts, breast reconstruction, calf reductions and fat grafts, as well as the popular non-surgical esthetic treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers.

Our clinic is contemporary, modern and welcoming, offering the perfect environment to relax and get away from it all experience while we work our magic.

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